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Crop Hail Insurance — custom coverage available

AgMax crop hail insurance offers a variety of rain, storm, weather, grain, fire, lightning and other loss coverage insurance options.

Crop hail insurance — private stand-alone products

  • Field Grain Fire – Insures standing grain crop against direct loss by fire and covers any loss of grain due to collision or upset of vehicles while the grain is being transported to the first place of storage. A Stored Grain Coverage endorsement is also available to cover the grain in storage against fire.
  • Germination Coverage for Hybrid Seed Corn – Protects seed corn companies and/or growers against inadequate germination due to frost or freeze. If the warm test germination rate is less than 90 percent due to frost or freeze, this would be a covered loss under this program.
  • Hay Fire – Insures hay stored in the open or in buildings or structures against direct loss by fire. Other coverages provided include loss of hay due to windstorm, collision, overturn and collapse of bridges, docks or culverts while the hay is being transported, loss of fencing, fire department service charges and theft and vandalism.
  • Rain Insurance – Insures against direct loss to events caused by rainfall. This policy is written for a short term of only a few hours for a specific event susceptible to “rain-out,” such as a rodeo or concert.

Crop hail insurance — private endorsements (MPCI)

  • Freeze Date Extension – Provides frost or freeze date after which frost or freeze is not an insurable cause of loss. Allows insured to extend frost or freeze date by either 5, 10 or 15-day increments. If a frost or freeze occurs during this extended coverage period and causes the seed corn warm test germination rate to drop below 80 percent, this would be a covered loss under this endorsement.
  • Increased Germination for Hybrid Seed Corn – Guarantees seed corn will have a warm test germination rate of 80 percent or greater on a total composite sample. Provides improved coverage by guaranteeing seed corn will have a warm test germination rate of at least 90 percent and a cold test germination rate of at least 80 percent as applied separately to samples of rounds and flats. Seed corn having a germination rate above the MPCI standard but less than the endorsement standards will be covered under this endorsement. Seed corn having a germination rate less than the MPCI standard will be covered by the MPCI policy.

Crop hail insurance — private endorsements

  • Companion Hail – Covers that portion of the crop not covered by a policy reinsured or approved by FCIC. Provides protection against any yield reduction caused by hail and/or fire. Designed to work in conjunction with a policy reinsured or approved by FCIC and contains increasing payment factors which match up with the various coverage levels.
  • Corn and Soybean Replant Endorsement – Insures against causes of loss other than hail that damages the corn or soybeans to the extent that they need to be replanted. An underlying GRP or GRIP policy is required.
  • Corn, Seed Corn & Sweet Corn Green Snap or Wind Endorsement – Provides coverage against direct loss to corn, seed corn and sweet corn by wind. Wind loss includes damage which flattens, bends or breaks the stalk, causing the ear to be unrecoverable by mechanical harvesting equipment.
  • Hybrid Seed Corn Company – Insures seed company's financial investment in growing a seed corn crop. References MPCI policy with the seed company's growers.
  • Production Plan Hail Endorsement– Covers, on a unit basis, the portion of the crop not insured under your MPCI, Crop Revenue Coverage (CRC) or Revenue Assurance (RA) policy. An underlying MPCI, CRC or RA policy is required.
  • Reject Coverage – Insures against direct loss due to hail that causes the crop to be rejected by the processor or buyer. The underlying Crop-Hail policy covers the direct damage caused by hail, and this endorsement covers additional loss in value from rejection of the crop.

To learn more about the affordable crop hail insurance programs available through AgMax or to find a crop insurance agent in your area, contact us at 1-800-370-3357 or via e-mail at cropinsurance@agmaxinsurance.com.

Crop, crop hail and livestock insurance coverage is underwritten by Western Agricultural Insurance Company (WAIC), West Des Moines, IA. WAIC is not licensed in all states and not all products are available in all states. WAIC is an equal opportunity provider. These policies are available to all producers regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation and marital ]

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